My 2019 Reading Challenge

2019 New year greeting card with fireworks

There are a lot of Reading Challenges out there. Like, a looooot. (There’s even a Star Wars Reading Challenge, which I talk about in the most recent episode of the podcast I co-host, Pop DNA.)

Every year I look at all the different challenges that pop up in my Facebook feed or different reading and book blogs and sites I frequent, and I think, “I should do one of these challenges. I bet I could ace it no problem.” But I can never decide which one I want to do. So, this year, I created my own. I took the elements of several different sources’ challenges that appealed most to me and then compiled them into my own Frankenstein’s Creature of a Reading Challenge.

I decided to have a 21-book challenge, as that works out to one book every two weeks, though I will definitely read way more than 21 books this year. I mean, we’re just over three weeks in to 2019 and I’ve already read five books, two of which were for my challenge.

A couple of fun components of my personal challenge: (1) I’m intending for at least half the books I read for this challenge (and ideally for the year) to be written by authors and/or feature main characters who are people of color; expanding horizons and listening to diverse voices is always a good thing. And (2), since I want to brush up on my art skills (no pun intended), I will be attempting to create my own cover for each book. And as this blog has been silent for awhile, I’ll try to post my covers and write about my thoughts on some of the books I read here.

Here’s the Challenge!

1. a book you own but haven’t read yet

2. a book about a social justice issue

3. a book by a favorite author that you haven’t read yet

4. a book you picked just for the cover

5. a book by a debut author

6. a book in translation

7. a book in a genre you don’t usually read

8. a book published in the 20th Century

9. a book published in the 19th Century

10. a book published in the 18th Century

11. a book from any Best of 2018 list

12. a book being adapted for film or TV in 2019

13. a picture book

14. a middle grade novel

15. a YA novel

16-20. five books recommended by friends

21. reread an old favorite


Have you done a reading challenge before? Are you doing one this year? Which one?

Feel free to join mine! Happy reading!


9 thoughts on “My 2019 Reading Challenge

    1. I’ve never really read with much purpose before (except for school), so I’m trying it out to see if it affects my reading enjoyment! Reading with no purpose is delightful.

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  1. I’ve only ever done the 52 Book Challenge, which I far exceed every year. I only mention it because even though I exceed it every year, I still make the goal of 52. Why don’t I challenge myself? Haha. Anyway, your challenge would work well with my reading style. I think I do most of these unintentionally, but there are a few I want to try: debut author, social justice issue, and best of previous year. I will add your challenge to my reading plans for the year. Thank you for sharing.

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