Dreamcasting Some of My Favorite Classics

So I’m watching the Oscars, and there are a lot of actors there, and there have been several moments when I’ve looked up and said, “Hey, [insert actor name], they would make a great [insert classic literary character]!” So these are a few of my favorite classics that I think could use a new film adaptation, and the cast I would pick if I was making them (and had the budget).

Twelfth Night

The live Central Park performance in 2009 starring Anne Hathaway and Audra McDonald was pretty close to a dream cast, and I’ll forever love the 1996 movie with Helena Bonham Carter, but it could use a fresh update. Maybe with a steampunk setting? No, nevermind, that’s a terrible idea. 1920s? Eh, we’ll work on it. But here’s the cast:

Viola: Tessa Thompson

Duke Orsino: Oscar Isaac

Olivia: Priyanka Chopra

Sebastian: Michael B. Jordan

Antonio: Chris Evans

Sir Toby Belch: Ken Jeong

Maria: Awkwafina, and make this role bigger because she’s hilarious

Aguecheek, Malvolio, and Fabian (doesn’t matter which is which): Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Kumail Nanjiani

Clown: Let’s go really out there and cast Tilda Swinton. How awesome would that be???


Pride & Prejudice

It’s totally time for a new one, right? Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, while I love it for its own kind of fun, hardly counts. Here’s who should star:

Elizabeth Bennet: Saoirse Ronan

Mr. Darcy: Charles Melton

Jane Bennet: Margot Robbie

Mr. Bingley: John Boyega

Lady Catherine: Michelle Yeoh


A Christmas Carol

So here’s what I’m thinking with this one: it’s been done soooooo much, as traditional adaptations, cartoons, and Hallmark/Lifetime movies, with almost every “twist” you can imagine. It’s hard to top the Bill Murray classic Scrooged, so let’s pull a Ghostbusters and do an all-female cast.

Scrooge: Sandra Bullock

Marley: Nicole Kidman

(I mostly just want to see the fantastical costumes they’d put these three in.)

Christmas Past: Janelle Monae

Christmas Present: Mindy Kaling

Christmas Future: Helen Mirren

Cratchit: Gina Rodriguez

Tiny Tim (or Tiny Tina): I don’t know, some kid


What do you think? What book(s), classic or not, would you love to see adapted for the screen? Who is your dream cast? Let me know in the comments!


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