Bookish Event Theme Ideas (and the Chic Invitations to Go With Them!)

This post is in partnership with Basic Invite, Truly Custom Invitations for all events and occasions!

‘Tis the season of grad parties, weddings, and spring soirees. If you’re a book lover (which, of course you are if you’re reading this blog, right?) and you also happen to be planning an upcoming party or event, you may want to consider one of these bookish ideas, and Basic Invite’s beautiful and fun invitations that are perfectly on-theme!


Literary Grad Party!


If you or someone you love is graduating, whether from college, high school, or a Ph.D. program, why not use the recently concluded studies as inspiration for the party? School may be over, but beautiful fonts are forever.

Refreshments: Book Cake

Decor: Book Page Garland

Invitation: Swirling Success Graduation


Science Fiction Birthday Party!


Whether you’re a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, or a deep cut like Dune, sci-fi is always a fun option for a party theme. Aliens and spice not required.

Refreshments: Star Wars Cocktails or Spice Cake (if you’re really serious about that Dune theme)

Decor: Planet Balloons

Invitations: Space Sword Battle, Comic Pow!, or Join the Force


Great Gatsby Wedding!


Let’s get one thing straight: The Great Gatsby is not a great love story, or even particularly romantic. But the Jazz Age had some great style! Why not infuse some of that into your wedding day? It’ll be really classy!

Refreshments: Art Deco Wedding Cake and Speakeasy Cocktails

Decor: Soooo many ideas

Invitations: Peacock Feather Foil or Coney Island Foil


Friendsgiving Book Club!


If you do Friendsgiving, why not turn it into an excuse to talk about books! Have all your guests bring a book they recently read and loved and chat about them over dinner.

Refreshments: whatever your usual tradition is; these appetizers look delicious

Decor: Book Page Pumpkins

Invitations: Friendsgiving Wreath or Simply Friends Foil


Basic Invite truly has an invitation or card for every occasion! Whether you need chic graduation invitations, soccer graduation invitations, save-the-dates, or baby announcements, they’ve got you covered. And with over 180 color options for every design and a service that allows you to capture guests’ addresses through social media, they are fully customizable.

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Time to Party!


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