I’m Trying BookTube!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As you may already know, I’ve been experimenting with Rhonda Pods About Books, a podcast version of my blog. I haven’t done very much with it yet, as I’m still sort of finding my footing, but I think I like the direction I’m going with it so far.

But while I’ve been figuring out the podcast, I’ve also been watching some great BookTube channels, and thinking, “Should I do BookTube instead of the podcast?” I’m kind of camera shy–I hate having my photo taken–but there seems to be less formality required with a video than with a podcast (though I guess that’s entirely dependent on your style and intended purpose with either one).

So I decided I’m just going to try making a few videos and see how it goes. I doubt I’m going to get a very big response with these initial videos, so I’m mostly just going by how I personally feel about them. You can watch my first one here:

It’s just an experiment for now, and I’m just using my phone and not doing any editing to speak of. But if you like it, let me know!


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