Store is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. I’ve created my own store on Bookshop where you’ll find some of my favorite books to recommend to friends, family, and all fellow readers. Lists include Fantasy and Sci-Fi recs for Star Wars and Marvel fans, Inclusive Historical Romance, Nonfiction for Fiction readers, and my favorite Jane Austen retellings, plus much more!

Find my store here.

Who is Your Favorite Avenger?

Check out this list for sci-fi and fantasy recommendations based on your favorite member of the MCU fam!

Gothic Fiction, Then and Now

This list includes all my favorite Gothic novels, from the late-18th-century classics to current favorites.

Jane Austen, But With a Twist!

Want to know what Pride & Prejudice would be like in modern day Brooklyn? Or read a sci-fi version of Persuasion? This is the list for you!