Review Policy + Rating System

*I am not currently accepting review requests! If you want to send me an ARC anyway, feel free to reach out through my CONTACT page. Thank you!*

A Note About Reviews

While I don’t mainly focus on traditional book reviews, I do review books about once a month here on the blog, and more often on my Goodreads page. (Though my Goodreads reviews are often shorter and less in-depth.)

For pre-release or advance/ARC reviews, typically I can read and review a book in about four weeks, but the more time I have the better! I will also sometimes review books that are already released, as I love to help new and indie authors spread the word about their work.

Since I only post about one review a month on the blog, I may not be able to get to a review if time is of the essence, but feel free to reach out and I’ll see what I can do. Also, make sure to let me know if you want a blog review, Goodreads, Amazon, etc.

I also offer editing and beta reading services; see my Word Girl Editing Services page for more information.

Genres I Like to Read

  • Fiction:
    • Fantasy (all subgenres)
    • Science Fiction (especially space opera or dystopian)
    • Historical Fiction (especially Medieval and Renaissance, Victorian, or non-European)
    • Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense (especially with a strong female lead)
    • Romance (if it also has heavy elements of one of the above genres)
  • Nonfiction:
    • Spirituality/Christianity
    • Relationships/Friendships/Self-Discovery
    • Humorous Memoirs
    • Niche or “Quirky” History Topics

I read mostly Adult and YA, but I do enjoy MG as well!

Who I’ve Worked With

Rating System


The book was near-perfect! I connected deeply with the characters and story, the writing was impeccable, and I’ll recommend it to everyone I meet.


The book was great! While there may have been a couple very minor issues, I still liked it a lot and would recommend it.


The book was OK. There wasn’t anything objectively wrong with it, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.


The book was a “mixed bag.” There might have been some elements that I loved, but there were other elements that brought it down.


The book had some issues. There may have been one element that I really liked, but the other issues (such as the writing style, pacing, and/or character development) overshadowed it.


The book had several major issues. I don’t give a one-star often at all–in fact, I can only think of two books that I’ve ever rated as one-star–but when I do, I will explain what the issues were and also try to give my thoughts on how they could be improved. One-star reviews are never meant to be a personal critique of the author, but of their work.

If you have a book you’d like me to review, go ahead and send me a message!